Web 2.0 buttons generator

Web 2.0-styled buttons are quite popular these days. In fact, they look fine. Actually, I love them icon smile Web 2.0 buttons generator

Today, I learned you don’t have to do it on your own with graphic software. I’ve found www.mycoolbutton.com – Web 2.0 buttons generator. It allows you to create a button in four steps:

  1. define the size
  2. define the color
  3. set up the icon
  4. set up the font

Finally, with a few clicks you create a button and download it as a png file.

3 Responses to “Web 2.0 buttons generator”

  • useful button creator tx

  • Gotta love the effort you put into this blog :)

  • This is a nice button generator. However, I found even better button maker – Cool Button Designer. Cool Button Designer can generate buttons for all three states on the fly, mouse over, mouse pressed and normal states. It gives you ability to control the light and reflection, add icon to your button, to gazillion of shapes, etc… Very nice software to create Web 2.0 style button. Cool Button Designer also generates you the HTML code for you to use. It saves the templates, that you can resize any time without loosing the quality of your button.

    You should try it, its not a joke, and with 3-5 minutes you can build this button from scratch.

    I am using it myself for my projects, and very glad to find it.

    Try it, google for Cool Button Designer. Official website has a free trial, limited with watermark only.

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