Summary of our work in DERI

In less than two weeks I’m living DERI. I’m going back home in Poland. The plan is to defend my Master’s Thesis.

Before leaving, we (myself, Filip Czaja and Władysław Bultrowicz) are supposed to present the result of our work. We gave the presentation today.

First, Filip introduced ourselves and showed the context of our work:

contextderi.thumbnail Summary of our work in DERI

Then there was my presentation (see below). I have explained the state of the art in the eLearning and Social Semantic Information Sources and introduced my system – IKHarvester (see also there). Then, Filip has told a few words on accessibility and adaptive hypermedia, and presented his system, IKAR. Finally, Władysław has showed to the audience the service.

All in all, it was a succesfull meeting icon smile Summary of our work in DERI

If there’s no presentation embeded, you can view it on slideshare

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