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For a long time I haven’t written a word here… The main reason is I was moved to a new project and am so busy I simply don’t have time to describe solutions to problems I’ve been facing. This project is again not Java based – .Net.

To be honest, I haven’t written anything serious in Java for almost a year! And my last work in Java EE was at the end of university times (even the name was different – it was J2EE then!). Maybe that’s why GlassFish Training Offer by Sun sounded so attractive, even more because there are a few training courses available at that link totally for free!.

Just to refresh my knowledge around Java EE I went through course titled GlassFish Application Server: Introduction (WMT-SAS-1536). It took c.a. an hour to complete it by reading slides and listening to Text-To-Speech lecture. All in all it was quite funny to ‘take part’ in a course at home, in the evening, sitting in the armchair next to my wife watching a movie icon smile GlassFish Training Offer

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Course attendee icon smile GlassFish Training Offer

Should you have some free time and a little of willingness to learn, I advise going to GlassFish Training Offer by Sun, learning how to register to attend free courses, and doing it yourself!

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