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A while ago, on April 6th, one of my posts, Exeptions and Errors in Java, became a DZone Big Link. As a result, the link was tweeted automatically and is available at DZone’s Twitter. I was really happy to be noticed in Web icon smile Getting active on DZone

But today I got pleased even more! I was noticed again; I received invitation to join DZone’s Most Valuable Blogger program. What it is, according to DZone:

DZone’s Most Valuable Blogger program brings together a group of highly talented bloggers, authors, and technologists actively writing about topics of interest to the developer community. These people are recognized in the industry for their contributions and deep technical knowledge on subjects ranging from software design and architecture to programming on a range of platforms including Java, .NET, Ruby and others.

You can see the list of MVBs at Meet the DZone MVBs. At the moment there are about 200 people listed and, as far as I have noticed, only a couple of them lives in Poland.

Update, 2010-07-12
I am now officially an MVB!

Update, 2010-07-23
Just got an MVB t-shirt too icon smile Getting active on DZone

big mvbbutton Getting active on DZone

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