DZone Refcardz: Cheat sheets for developers

Some time ago, DZone has introduced an interesting feature – DZone Refcardz. This is a collection of cheat sheets (111 items by now) on different topics, e.g. programming languages, developer tools and IDEs, development approaches and trends.

27343 DZone Refcardz: Cheat sheets for developers

Cheat sheets will never replace books, full time trainings or tutorials – they are meant to be short and brief; supply the reader with the basics and summary; simple enough. You won’t learn the subject in details but DZone refcardz are worth giving a try.

I can see several usage models: (i) get a general meaning on a subject new to me (if I like it, then I go for it in details), (ii) refresh something, (iii) get back to it when in need of checking something quickly.

DZone Refcardz homepage:

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