Norvegian Developers Conference 2011 – videos

ndc2011 logo Norvegian Developers Conference 2011   videosOk, I haven’t attended either of editions of Norvegian Developers Conference, but I stumbled upon a link to one of the videos from that conference somewhere at Software Testing & Quality Assurance Videos& Tutorials.

I watched one session and followed it by the other one. I’ve only seen two of last year’s session for now but I don’t regret and will definitely come back and watch more. Having looked at the speakers and agenda, it seems it was a decent conference. If you have a moment, visit the the agenda of NDS2011, with links to videos, and look at the sessions. Probably, there are a few you might be interested in. Watch it/them and be happy to safe some amount icon smile Norvegian Developers Conference 2011   videos

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