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Norvegian Developers Conference 2011 – videos

ndc2011 logo Norvegian Developers Conference 2011   videosOk, I haven’t attended either of editions of Norvegian Developers Conference, but I stumbled upon a link to one of the videos from that conference somewhere at Software Testing & Quality Assurance Videos& Tutorials.

I watched one session and followed it by the other one. I’ve only seen two of last year’s session for now but I don’t regret and will definitely come back and watch more. Having looked at the speakers and agenda, it seems it was a decent conference. If you have a moment, visit the the agenda of NDS2011, with links to videos, and look at the sessions. Probably, there are a few you might be interested in. Watch it/them and be happy to safe some amount icon smile Norvegian Developers Conference 2011   videos

Microsoft Technology Summit 2009

I’m going to Microsoft Technology Summit (MTS) 2009 which takes place in Warsaw, Poland on September 29th-30th. This is the biggest Microsoft (.NET, SQL Server, Windows platform) related conference that takes place in Poland.

This will be the first time for me. I’ve never been to this conference but heard it’s decent – good speakers, lots of information is passed, highly developing. We’ll see how it will be but I expect to get back home overwhelmed with new knowledge, both theoretical and practical.

Is anyone of you, readers of this blog, attending this conference too?

 Microsoft Technology Summit 2009

Summary of Communities to Communities (C2C) 2009 Conference

C2C is a history now. I attended .NET stream and one session on SQL. The conference as a whole was very interesting, well organised, and basically developing. It was a Polish conference so most sessions were conducted in Polish but there were a couple of speakers from abroad too, and they spoke in English.

Basically I’m happy I had a chance to attend the conference. Below are my notes and comments. Please note they are my comments; should I write something which is not true or accurate, please let me know, sometimes pace was fast so I might have skipped something icon smile Summary of Communities to Communities (C2C) 2009 Conference
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Communities to Communities (C2C) Conference

 Communities to Communities (C2C) Conference

There’s going to be an interesting conference in Warsaw on Saturday, March 14th 2009 – Communities to Communities (C2C). I will attend it (already registered). I’m particularly interested in a few sessions devoted to .NET and SQL Server.

Whoever is coming there too, see you there!

 Communities to Communities (C2C) Conference