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FeedMap = Blogs + Maps

feedmap logo FeedMap = Blogs + Maps

What is feedmap? Let me cite its authors:

… feedmap is about mapping your blog! Using FeedMap you can tell the world where you are blogging from! Or you can simply search for bloggers right around where you live! Or even better let other local bloggers to discover your blog…

I had a look at this service and I must say its idea is very good. Really you can discover blogs of authors that live in the same town or are even your neighbours. And of course you can make your own blog more discoverable. However, I believe the authors need to improve some things (layout, minor issues and some more important stuff, like not working link). Anyway, great idea! I wish feedmap luck!

Of course I submitted this blog (info on feedmap), and my photoblog (info on feedmap).

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Listen what you really want!

I used to listen to Pandora, but that has been impossible for some time because it’s been suspended in Poland (and some other countries). Let me quote Pandora’s authors:

We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for most listeners located outside of the U.S.

At the same time I listened to last.fm but for some reason (why?) I stopped. Recently I re-discovered that service and I’m really excited about it! For those who haven’t used it, it’s a social network that allows to listen music you like (what you declare and tracks with similar genre that you may like), learn your friends’ music tastes, find information about music events that take place near the place you leave, discover new artists/tracks, etc. You can listen music either via a web browser or using special player (the player is more efficient and handy). This player can also register (scrobble) what you listen on your PC from CDs or mp3 files and updates your music profile. Eventually, you can listen what you like wherever you go provided you have Internet connection.

If you’d like to see what I’ve been listening to recently, look below at my “Top albums music quilt”:

Web 2.0 gaming

doof logo thumb Web 2.0 gaming

Recently, I’ve encountered doof, a new Web 2.0 service, kind of “new one”… The authors promote it with the slogan: “Have fun playing games and competing in tournaments, pesonalising your profile and expressing yourself”. Then, what actually doof is?

doof screen thumb Web 2.0 gaming

First of all, doof is a fancy website with astonishing flash design (see above). User can adapt the screen according to their needs. Then, users can choose from a wide range of games, including a number of retro ones and classics. Users are given a space to communicate by sending mails, instant messages, virtual gifts. Also, they can create a photo album that can be synchronized with Facebook. Thanks to news feeds, people know what’s going on in their doofish world, who played a game recently, who received a gift, etc. One can give feedback for the authors, suggest possible improvements and failings.

All in all, the authors had a great idea and they succeeded in creating a brand new, very fresh and marvellous Web 2.0 service. I believe that despite doof is games-oriented, it can meet tastes of not only keen gamers, but also people who just like to have fun seeing others and interacting on their social network.

You can read more about doof in doof blog.

Web 2.0 and social networks around the world and in Poland

I’ve just read an article about popularity of Web 2.0 and social networks in general all around the world. Quite nice article to me.
Basing on what the information passes there, in Poland we don’t have any popular social networking websites. To some extend it’s correct – if Poles use social networking websites, these are mostly Polish services, mostly unknown for people from abroad. Below, there is a list of the most popular (to me):

More and more Poles are blogging these days. I believe, the most popular blogging platforms in Poland are: blog.pl, Blox, Bloog.pl and blog.onet.pl. Also, Blogger and WordPress are frequently used.

Anyway, it’s good to know Poland is not a black hole on the World’s Internet map icon wink Web 2.0 and social networks around the world and in Poland

If you think the abovementioned lists lack from any services, please let me know. We can populate this ranking together.

My presence on online social services

I use two online social services: LinkedIn (en) and GoldenLine (pl). My activities there mostly include adding people I know or work with to my connection lists. I think it’s a good idea to keep such list of friends; you never know, when you need to contact somebody you knew in the past. Also, one beautiful day, you may get a contact from a head-hunter icon wink My presence on online social services

Recently, I’ve updated my profiles on both those services. You can view them:

btn viewmy 160x33 My presence on online social services (LinkedIn)

signature My presence on online social services (GoldenLine)

Web 2.0 buttons generator

Web 2.0-styled buttons are quite popular these days. In fact, they look fine. Actually, I love them icon smile Web 2.0 buttons generator

Today, I learned you don’t have to do it on your own with graphic software. I’ve found www.mycoolbutton.com – Web 2.0 buttons generator. It allows you to create a button in four steps:

  1. define the size
  2. define the color
  3. set up the icon
  4. set up the font

Finally, with a few clicks you create a button and download it as a png file.