Web 2.0 and social networks around the world and in Poland

I’ve just read an article about popularity of Web 2.0 and social networks in general all around the world. Quite nice article to me.
Basing on what the information passes there, in Poland we don’t have any popular social networking websites. To some extend it’s correct – if Poles use social networking websites, these are mostly Polish services, mostly unknown for people from abroad. Below, there is a list of the most popular (to me):

More and more Poles are blogging these days. I believe, the most popular blogging platforms in Poland are: blog.pl, Blox, Bloog.pl and blog.onet.pl. Also, Blogger and WordPress are frequently used.

Anyway, it’s good to know Poland is not a black hole on the World’s Internet map icon wink Web 2.0 and social networks around the world and in Poland

If you think the abovementioned lists lack from any services, please let me know. We can populate this ranking together.

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  • I too like your article of Web 2.0 and social networking tools which allows people to come together online around shared & It is very viral and I belive it will be one of the Giant Web 2.0 Marketing Campaigns.

  • Hello Jarosław!

    Thanks for this useful information! I am currently researching the opportunity to use social networks for recruiting/hiring people. From these 3 networks which one do you think can be best used for this purpose? From functionality point of view but also from current users pool- because with a bigger pool you will have more candidates who may be interested in a job opportunity. What is your view on this? Thank you!

  • Biliana,
    I’m happy to have your comment!
    From the three mentioned services one is strictly carreer oriented; it is goldenline.pl. Apart from that a lot of people in Poland too uses linkedin.com. If you’re looking for and IT expert you’ll find plenty of them on both services. However, I’m not sure about specialists in other fields. In such case, goldenline.pl can be better.


  • I don\’t normally leave comments… but I really enjoyed your post! I will be leaving a link back here in my blogroll! Thanks!

  • A new – and fast growing – Social Network in Poland is http://www.12pietro.pl
    They now are live (still in Beta) for 2 months but already have 5000 members.

  • just came across your post – really interesting!!! i’m trying to find out some more info on social media in poland but not being overly successful in my searches. from my personal experience it has grown quite considerably, especially portals such as nasza-klasa – but what i’m trying to find out is how considerably. are the portals you mentioned still the most popular? where would i be able to find this info? could you advise and point me in the right direction? would be really grateful :-)

  • Dom,

    What I wrote is still actual. Maybe it’s also worth adding linkedin.com – it’s popular especially among IT people and other who are interested in working abroad.


  • Great blog. Do you know of any relevant marketing forums or discussion groups?

  • John,

    ARAIR there are forums on each of the listed social services.


  • It’s a cool site huh! Thanks for sharing your views and opinions on web 2.0 and social networks. Keep it up.

  • Hi Jarosław,

    When it comes to buisness social networks, what are the most popular social networks in Poland? Do people use business social networks as a common tool to find buisness partners?

  • Maya, have a look at my response to Biliana Sirakova’s comment.

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