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TFS vs. Subversion

Update, 2010-10-23 Note: After reading discussion on Martin Hinshelwood’s blog, I’ve decided to state clear I’m writing here about TFS 2008. Some of the points might not be relevant to TFS 2010.

I’ve been using both Subversion and Team Foundation Server (TFS). Because I first used Subversion and started using TFS afterwards, I had to get used to TFS flavors. …

How to manage trunk/branches/tags in the project while bug fixing and regular development?

Recently I’ve come across some problems on managing trunk/branches/tags. As a result of manual merging two branches I’ve ended up with hours spent on editing conflicts and checking the system. It’s obvious this was not a good sign as new bugs might have been introduced.

I’ve decided to organise the way the revision control system is used. Below you can …