FOAF.Vix – the way to visualise your FOAF file


If you use Friend of a Friend (FOAF) files to describe your profile and want to provide it to the reader in a readable way FOAF.Vix is a perfect service. Let me cite the description created by its authors:

FOAF.Vix is a visualizer and relation explorer for FOAF (Friend of a Friend) files. Although this file format is designed first of all to be machine readable, it is often desirable to be able to browse it as if it were a usual Web page. FOAF.Vix gives you this possibility, presenting the data from a FOAF file in an easy to understand form and allowing to follow links to other Web resources it contains, including links to other FOAF pages, thereby allowing you to explore the network of human relations.

Of course I decided tp use that tool icon_smile-2912350 So have a look at my readable FOAF profile


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