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MFC: CButton and how ON_BN_DOUBLECLICKED message map works | Blinded by the lights

Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) library provides CButton which, according to MSDN, can be used for creating a check box, a radio button, and a pushbutton. There are two events CButton supports: (i) ON_BN_CLICKED (single click), (ii) ON_BN_DOUBLECLICKED (double click). Let’s assume you provide a meaningful implementation for a single click and do nothing in the…


Initializer list and initializing derived class members | Blinded by the lights

Initializer list in C++ looks like in the example below (see constructor od D class): class B { public: B() { } }; class D : public B { public: int x; int y; D(int _x , int _y) : x(_x) , y(_y +1) { } }; Now, what if class B had a protected…