Month: September 2015

NVelocity and XSS

NVelocity is a view engine for MonoRail. It’s quite handy and it’s not difficult to deliver such views.

One of the flows I can name can be the security issues. By default there’s not much support for security. For instance it’s possible to perform XSS (Cross-site scripting) attacks by providing XHTML or JavaScript code.

I spent some time googleing for …

FOAF.Vix – the way to visualise your FOAF file


If you use Friend of a Friend (FOAF) files to describe your profile and want to provide it to the reader in a readable way FOAF.Vix is a perfect service. Let me cite the description created by its authors:

FOAF.Vix is a visualizer and relation explorer for FOAF (Friend of a Friend) files. Although this file format is designed first


If you’re about to start playing with AJAX in ASP.NET it’s a good idea to read this book: ASP.NET AJAX In Action by Alessandro Gallo, David Barkol, Rama Krishna Vavilala (see on amazon).

It very well describes basics of AJAX and shows basic and more advanced techniques of applying it in ASP.NET. There are exaplanations of Microsoft Ajax Library, UpdatePanel, …

Wireless Configuration: Incorrect MFC DLL version installed

Out of the blue when I started my laptop (Dell D600, Windows XP SP2) I started getting the following error:

Wireless Configuration
Incorrect MFC DLL version installed on this system; minimum requirement is MFC SP4 Dlls.

The message wouldn’t stop popping up, rebooting didn’t help.


Google was not much of help there. The best advice found was this; it …

Tricky example with polymorphism

Can you predict the output of the following code?

class SubTest extends Test {
    public int aNumber;

    public SubTest() {
        aNumber = 17;

    public void doubleANumber() {
        System.out.println("Inside SubTest.doubleANumber()");
        aNumber *= 2;

public class Test {
    public int aNumber;

    public Test() {
        aNumber = 6;

    public void doubleANumber() {
        System.out.println("Inside Test.doubleANumber()");
        aNumber *= 2;



A few months ago I wrote about Xobni, a plugin for Outlook. I created that post basing only on what I learned on their homepage.

A few weeks later Xobni team sent me an email with a special link to the installation file. I downloaded and installed Xobni, and played with it.

I’ve been using it for a couple of …

TFS vs. Subversion

Update, 2010-10-23 Note: After reading discussion on Martin Hinshelwood’s blog, I’ve decided to state clear I’m writing here about TFS 2008. Some of the points might not be relevant to TFS 2010.

I’ve been using both Subversion and Team Foundation Server (TFS). Because I first used Subversion and started using TFS afterwards, I had to get used to TFS flavors. …

My presence on online social services

I use two online social services: LinkedIn (en) and GoldenLine (pl). My activities there mostly include adding people I know or work with to my connection lists. I think it’s a good idea to keep such list of friends; you never know, when you need to contact somebody you knew in the past. Also, one beautiful day, you may get …


I wonder if you’ever heard of expressivo? If you haven’t, have a look; if you’ve seen that, play with it again icon_smile-4711243

By and large, expressivo is an online service that provided text-to-speech reader (and not only). It produces speech in English, Polish and Romanian. To generate speech it uses IVONA TTS.

I don’t know Romanian but English and Polish TTSs …

Beginning SQL Server 2005 Programming


After a while (busy days…) I’ve got a new book: Beginning SQL Server 2005 Programming by Robert Vieira.

I’m not considering myslef a SQL Server expert but to be honest I was afraid of this beginning word in the title. Yet I’ve been using SQL Server for a couple of years (apart from Java, C#, etc. – so not full …