Adapt your blog for mobile devices


Since I received Nokia e51 I’ve been browsing web pages with Opera Mini. This is a decent browser which makes reading pages easier but it can’t do all. The best case is when not only the browser cares to display the page best it can, but also the owner of the page does so, i.e. only important content is downloaded so that the page is lighter and loads faster (which is important if you are not having a free WI-FI connection).

Thus I’ve decided to adapt my blog for mobile devices. Because I’m using WordPress engine I looked for a plugin which can do this work for me. I’ve found a couple of plugins and I desided to install WordPress Mobile Pack. Now this blog looks on a mobile devices as a sample screen shot displayed above.

Happy reading, even on a phone icon_smile-3930603

P.S. Let me know if you use a different plugin. Maybe there’s something even better than WordPress Mobile Pack. Thanks in advance!

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