Skype for free on Nokia E51 mobile with Fring

Fring Skype for free on Nokia E51 mobile with Fring
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One of nice features of Nokia E51 is it has Wi-Fi modem embedded. That gives you a lot of opportunities. I was particularly interested in Skyping my friends from my mobile.

First I checked Skype homepage in order to find out if there’s a version compatible with E51. There’s not… but on Skype forum I read that installing version for Nokia N95 might do. Only then did I read the official description of Skype lite.

With Skype on your mobile, you’ll always know when your friends are online [..]

Starts nice, but when you read further you can change your mind:

Call Skype contacts
The standard cost of a local or national call on your mobile (or via your inclusive minutes).

That’s not a good news and not the best attitude towards Skype lite users.

However, here comes Fring with a helpful hand. According to Fring hopemage:

fring is a mobile internet community and communication service that allows friends to connect, share experiences and enhance their online communities together.

Using your handsets internet connection, you can interact with friends on all your favourite social networks including Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM. You can listen to music with your friends, check out what each other are up to on Facebook, receive alerts of new Google Mail and tailor make your very own fring by adding more cool experiences from fringAdd-ons.

What makes me happy is Skype-Skype call from my mobile is totally free! This is the tool I’ve been looking for.

 Skype for free on Nokia E51 mobile with Fring

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  • Hi, currently i using Nokia E51 i would like to install skype and make phone call to worldwide or skype to skype. Please advise me how to go about and what software do i need to download. My service provide Starhub-Singapore.

    Thanking you in advance & best regards

  • Sofia,

    You need to go to download the JAR file and run it on your mobile so that Fringe is installed. Then you need to log in using your Skype credentials (login and password), and start calling :)

    Speaking of JAR file, you can either download it using E51 or download it with your computer and transfer the file to the mobile with Nokia PC Suite.


  • :) )) thanks once more :)
    Fring is just awesome, I use it on my Nokia N95 8gb and yet I’m really mobile all the time ;)


  • Unfortunately two mobile operators (Orange & O2) are already fuming at Nokia for including a mobile version of Skype on its latest N97 smart-phone. Telecom companies need to treat their customers right or they will shunned when new technology arrives.

  • hi. I have e51. I installed fring. What specifically do i do next when i want to use skype? Do i log on to fring and then what? I’m not able to install skype on this phone. Please help. I’m not very technical so step by step please. Thank you so much. Carl

  • So what is the real cost of Fring and is there a way of using the Nokia E51 without going through a third party Voip as I can do with my 6301 for voice and text calls

  • You use Fring for free when you call Skype-Skype, i.e. you only pay for internet connection. If you call Skype-landline you also pay from your Skype account. All in all, the same as if you were using Skype on PC.

  • Fring is good on the way of becoming very popular (aren’t they already)

    Also a good selling point for Nokia by the way!

  • Does Fring support Nokia E51. Can you make a skype call using 3G instead of wifi. I live in Australia using Telstra.

  • Lal,

    I’d say why not? You probably need an internet connection and whether it is WI-FI or 3G is not important.


  • Good post!Thanks for the good reading!

  • Dear Fring is cxcellent application but it is not working in U.A.E.. any solution

  • hello every one,
    Nice plate form
    Dear fring is a excellent application … but it is not working in United Arab emirates…is there any solution to use this application in U.A.E. Like other Mobile Dailer….

  • i am using e52 i want to use action voip for international calls
    this file is not supporting on my e52.

  • Is there a certificate for this software? How do I know it’s safe for my nokia?

  • helo i want to knw hw i can install skype in my cell fone
    im using e 71
    right now im in UAE
    so plz tell me through my e mail

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