Latex tables

I wrote my Master’s Thesis in Latex since it allows me to focus on the content of the paper rather than on how it looks. Having the content it is possible to change the output style by changing the Latex code. Recently, I faced a problem of creating tables with background color. After some time Googleing I found some information. …

AJAX activity indicator

Users are familiar with indications of work performed in background since first versions of MS Windows. Besides being fancy, they are also informative.

AJAX, a Web 2.0 technique, aim at exchanging only small amounts of data with a server; this should be performed behind the scenes. If so, why not expose the moments when user interaction brings about reqest and …


Remember my previous post about IKHarvester. There, I’ve briefly described how I collect metadata for blog posts which support SIOC. Then, I thought it’s a good idea to describe in one place what really IKHarvester is and how it works.

IKHarvester (Informal Knowledge Harvester) is a web service that characterizes with two core features: harvesting data, and providing it for …

Registering different versions of .NET Framwework

It’s possible to have more than one ASP.NET IIS installed and registrated on one machine (that runs Windows).
To check which version is currently registered run Command Line (Start/Run… and type ‘cmd’) and go to %SystemRoot%Microsoft.NETFrameworkvXXX directory where %SystemRoot% is a special system-wide environment variable found on Microsoft Windows NT and its derivatives (read more on Wikipedia) and vXXX is …

Slides on eLearning and SSIS

As you’ve probably noticed, quite a few posts on my blog are directly related to eLearning, the Semantic Web, and Web 2.0. Yet, “Social Semantic Information Sources for eLearning” is the topic of my Master’s Thesis. This is the main area for the research I do in the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI).

I’ve already mentioned of two my (and … project

Recently, the SemInf group, which member I am, from DERI eLearning Cluster has set up new project: is service for collaborative knowledge aggregation and sharing. It employs IKHarvester for retrieving RDF information about Web resources bookmarked by the users. Therefore, it is capable of indexing rich metadata, coming from various types of resources.

In contrary to bookmarking services, …

Sumbission for EC-TEL ’07 accepted

Some time ago, myself together with Sebastian R. Kruk, Adam Gzella, Bill McDaniel, and Tomasz Woroniecki wrote an article for EC-TEL 2007 – Second European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning that will take place in Semptember in Creete, Greece.

The title of the article is “E-Learning on the Social Semantic Information Sources”. In general, it relates to eLearning, Semantic …

IE7 – problems with onchange event for text field when auto complete used

Imagine you have a text field in the form which is defined as below

Apparently doSth() will not be called at all if you are running IE7 and use its auto completion mechanism. If you bind doSth() with onblur that won’t solve the case either.


The best solution is to call doSth() only when the form is submitted. That …

How to invoke a common coded web test method from GetRequestEnumerator()?

It’s a fact that coded web test methods give more flexibility to the developer, i.e. common code reuse. So let’s create a coded web test in whose GetRequestEnumerator() method you want to call a common method which tests some other requests. Let’s make it look as GetCommonRequests() in the example below:

public class AWebTest : WebTest
    private IEnumerator GetCommonRequests()


Pandora is one of the most popular streaming services. You just type an artist’s or the song name and Pandora serves you a collection of similar music. It bases on rich songs descriptions and evaluations of songs. You are allowed to create your stations, invite friends or listen to their music.
Thus, it is an example of online community services …