Recently, the SemInf group, which member I am, from DERI eLearning Cluster has set up new project: is service for collaborative knowledge aggregation and sharing. It employs IKHarvester for retrieving RDF information about Web resources bookmarked by the users. Therefore, it is capable of indexing rich metadata, coming from various types of resources.

In contrary to bookmarking services, such as, keeps rich, semantically interconnected metadata shared by the users using Social Semantic Collaborative Filtering. The resources not only can be shared with a bookmarking interface (SSCF), but also, based on the rich metadata, they can be searched and browsed using
TagsTreeMaps, a tags browser based on treemaps rendering algorithm, and MultiBeeBrowse, a collaborative browsing components. These components improve user browsing experience, utilizing metadata delivered by IKHarvester.

One of modules delivered by IKHarvester allows to expose aggregated metadata in LOM standard, which turns
into a valuable source of learning objects based on informal knowledge, delivered by IKHarvester.

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