Here is some information taken from my Master’s Thesis (still developed)..

Didaskon is a project developed in Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), Ireland by a few students, including myself. It is a research project in the elearning field. Its main goal is to deliver a framework for assemblying an ondemand curriculum from existing Learning Objects (LOs) provided by e-Learning services.…

Web 2.0 gaming


Recently, I’ve encountered doof, a new Web 2.0 service, kind of “new one”… The authors promote it with the slogan: “Have fun playing games and competing in tournaments, pesonalising your profile and expressing yourself”. Then, what actually doof is?


First of all, doof is a fancy website with astonishing flash design (see above). User can adapt the screen according to …

Changes on my blog

A few days ago I made a few major changes on my blog:

The engine change went OK. Once I updated the files, there was a imprefections in querying database, but clicking the suggested link on wp-admin page solved them all.

Currently, when I have some free time I browse plugins and themes – still can find something better/new. So …

What happens if concate String value and int?

Can you predict the output/result of the following code?

String s = "A String ";
s += 12345;

The answer is: “A String 12345“.

The reason for that is described in the desciption of String class in Java 2 Platform SE 5.0 API:

The Java language provides special support for the string concatenation operator ( + ),

Problems with UpdatePanel on SharePoint

If you want to add some AJAX flavour to your ASPX pages running on SharePoint you need to perform a few actions:

  • install ASP.NET AJAX on servers in your farm
  • extend SharePoint web.config file with Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX
  • add ScriptManager either in the master page you’re using (prefferable) or in all pages that employ AJAX

The above listed steps are …

How to configure log4net on SharePoint?

Recently I had to add logging feature to the SharePoint project I’ve been developing. I had to use log4net. I followed my friend’s advice but for some reason it wouldn’t work in my case. I didn’t get any errors or exceptions. Simply nothing was logged to the file, which by the way would not be even created. All in all …

C#, java

Java vs. C#

From now on I’ll be doing much more in Microsoft .NET rather than in Java. Thus, it seems my preparation for SCJP exam will slow down now… Also, I presume there’ll be slightly less about Java on that blog from now on (at least for some time).

I learned about .NET framework and C# programming language at the univesity, but …

Castle.ActiveRecord.Framework.ActiveRecordException: Could not perform Delete for XXX —> NHibernate.Exceptions.GenericADOException: could not delete collection

The beginning of the stack trace I got today looked as below:

2009-05-19 11:01:45,078 ERROR [5232] XXX - Speaker already deleted: Castle.ActiveRecord.Framework.ActiveRecordException: Could not perform Delete for Speaker ---> NHibernate.Exceptions.GenericADOException: could not delete collection: [XXX#XXX][SQL: SQL not available] ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'SpeakerId', table 'XXX.dbo.lnk_Session_Speaker'; column does not allow nulls. UPDATE fails.
The statement has 
.net, C#

System.IO.IOException: The process cannot access the file used as attachment with MailMessage

Recently I had to improve the mechanism of sending emails so that files can be attached to it. As I used MailMessage it seemed to be an easy task, especially that MSDN provided an example of how to do it. They assumed there that the file used as the attachment was already on the server and it shouldn’t be deleted …

Web 2.0 and social networks around the world and in Poland

I’ve just read an article about popularity of Web 2.0 and social networks in general all around the world. Quite nice article to me.
Basing on what the information passes there, in Poland we don’t have any popular social networking websites. To some extend it’s correct – if Poles use social networking websites, these are mostly Polish services, mostly unknown …