Reporting Services – blank Report Manager screen

I believe Reporting Services are very powerful tool for report generation. Unfortunately the installation process can be time consuming as you might face some problems with the cofiguration… Of course such problems can be the reason of unsufficient knowledge in SQL Server configuration and management, etc.

Anyway, blank Report Manager screen can be one of the problems, which displays as shown below:
 Reporting Services   blank Report Manager screen


This issue can be easily fixed by unsetting Enable anonymous access feature for either Reports or ReportServer virtual directory in IIS. In my case (on Windows 2003) I had to switch that of for both that virtual directories.
To do that follow the steps below:

  • go to Properties of either virtual directory in the IIS manager
  • select Directory Security tab in the Property window
  • click Edit in the Authentication and access control section
  • disable Enable anonymous access feature
  • close all windows by clicking OK buttons in the windows that showed up

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  • Hi,

    We have this issue but implementing this solution still has not resolved the “blank” page coming up… any other thoughts? I’ve alos checked the permissions on the directories and users have Read & Execute permissions.

    Laura Bailey

  • Laura,

    To be honest, I struggled with that twice only…
    Last time (on Windows XP) I did what descibed in that post and it helped.

    When I had this for the first time, I was setting that up on Windows 2003, which is more restrictive/secure than XP (and therefore, what worked on XP might not work on 2003, e.g. due to credential problems)… I’m pretty sure that time I followed this instruction but it didn’t help though :/ All in all, I had the system restored and installed that from scratch (only because it was an unused server). However, this was neither what I planned to do, nor you do, I believe.

    One more thought is to look at logs. On my machine (Win XP, SQL Server 2005 Express) it’s there: c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.2\Reporting Services\LogFiles\. Perhaps logs will tell you anything interesting.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Can let me know if you found the solution?

  • This worked for me. Thank you, Jaroslaw.
    What about a “nasty” login prompt that appears during deployment?

  • Diana, can’t say it from the top of my head… Can you post the answer when you find it? :)


  • I’m running Vista ultimate and IIS7 on a fresh install and suffered the blank Home page exactly as indicated here. Anonymous Authentication was already disabled in IIS so it wasn’t my solution. I eventually got it working by running Internet Explorer as Administrator (Right-click > Run as administrator) and this enabled the features on the reports page, allowing me to add my own logon in as an administrator. After that: everything works sweet. Thanks for the tips here and I hope this one helps someone else too.

  • Thanks, this worked for me as well (running w2k3 + IIS6)!

  • Thanks Michael Daniel, worked like a charm on Windows 7! Forgot all about the Vista elevation stuff doh!

  • This worked fine for me, but just in case anyone else runs into the same thing, when I first unchecked the box, I got a prompt that the configuration I was selecting would deny access to everyone. I had to choose another authentication method (which makes sense, of course), so I chose “Integrated Windows Authentication”.

    Thank you very much for sharing this information! It made a quick fix to something I feared would take all day to sort out.

  • Thank you!

    For some reason I cannot find the Reports virtual directory in IIS even though Reporting Services Configuration Manager tells me that it has created it. So, I counldn’t change the properties.

    Anyway, Michael’s solution saved me from trying to reinstall reporting services to try and get it to show!

    Thank you both for getting me through this one.

    If anyone has thoughts on why I cannot see the Reports virtual directory in IIS I would love to hear them. I’m using Vista Business and IIS 7.

  • I also have same problem. If I uncheck Anonymous access checkbox then when I try to open the Report Manager it asks me for login. Even after logging in properly it does not allow me to view the Report Manager. And if i check Allo Anonymous access it just displays the blank page as stated ealier.
    Please anybody could help me in this asap.
    Thanks in advance.

  • I’m running Vista 64bit Ultimate + IIS7 + SQL2008. The “run IE as Administrator” solution worked for me, thanks!

  • I have a similar problem but I don’t get quite that far. I get this:

    jk-is-higgjeltd/ReportServer_JERRY2008 – /

    Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Version 10.0.2531.0

    Any ideas?



  • I have a similar problem.please be patient to read the whole thing(if u can..)

    I just installed sql evaluation version and configured reporting services on windows xp sp2 machine with IIS 5.1

    I created few reports using BIDS and deployed it on the report server.I opened the report manager in Firefox and can view my data sources and reports.But the problem was some of the features doesn’t work in other browsers except IE.

    So i tried opening the report manager in asked me for lacalhost login and i enabled anonymous access in IIS for the default website and tried again which opened up by blank screen as above.So i followed the above instructions but now it asks me again for the localhost login and password.

    It works fine in firefox, but the report cannot be viewed in full page and also as i said before some of the features are not supported in other browsers other than IE.

    I don’t know what i am doing wrong.Help me with this issue if you can.Thanks in advance.

  • Satish,

    Did you try Michael Daniel’s solution (he posted in in one of the comments to this post). He said:

    Anonymous Authentication was already disabled in IIS so it wasn?t my solution. I eventually got it working by running Internet Explorer as Administrator (Right-click > Run as administrator) and this enabled the features on the reports page, allowing me to add my own logon in as an administrator.

  • Hi Jaroslaw

    Thanks for tour reply.

    I even tried that,but when i right click IE8 and use run as it shows me 2 options
    1)current user (with my login name which is the admin account)
    2)run as either adminstrator or my login account-both of these dont have passwords.

    when i check current user and click ok it does nothing(doesnt even open ie)

    when i check run as and select either admin or my login it asks for password which i dont have.

    and my system is windows xp sp3

    any ideas?

  • I’ve been looking for this precise information on this subject for a long time.

  • Fixed the problem on windows server 2008 and I believe it works for all other windows versions.

    Do the following:
    1. Start menu > run > mmc.exe.
    2. File > add snap-in > users & groups.
    3. Right click on administrator account and choose properties.
    4. Enable this account.
    5. Set a password for the administrator.
    6. Run IE, but first right click on it and then choose run as administrator. Browse to your SSRS Manager URL.
    7. Authenticate using the administrator account credentials.

    It should work, and I believe the steps will remain almost the same throughout all versions of Windows (xp, 2003, vista, 2008 & windows 7).

  • Thank You a lot Nicolas
    Your solution is great!! It solved my problem on Windows VISTA.

    Keep it up!!!

  • In IIS Manager, I right-clicked on Reports, then Manage Applications->Advanced Settings, and then set the Physical Path Credentials. It worked for me not having to run Explorer as Administrator.

  • Thanks for this super blog.

  • I try all solutions and nothing works. Last i try solution and it helps me. Problem was that i have two Local administrators in my Windows7. im program mmc.exe i see that both admins was in Administrators groupe but one has Empty Description and second has in description Build-in account for administration.

    If i open manager URL with administrator without description result was BLANC. Even i start IE with Administrator rights. Second user works correctly.

    So Many thanks to Nicolas and also to Jaroslaw for this blog

  • Nie wiem czy zetknales sie z takim problemem, ale moze cos poradzisz. Po zainstalowaniu Reporting Services 2008 na Windows XP i skonfigurowaniu go, podczas gdy probuje dostac sie na strone Report Manager’a otrzymuje monit o koniecznym zalogowaniu sie. Wydaje mi sie, ze konfiguracja jest prawidlowa. Dodam ze nie jestem podlaczony do domeny.


  • Michał,

    Nie mam teraz dostępu do maszyny z ustawionym środowiskiem, ale ewidentnie wyglada na problem credentiali… Pamiętam, że miałem tak gdy używałem Firefoxa, podczas gdy pod IE wszystko było ok (widać byłem przedstawiamy jako inny użytkownik). Jeśli nie jest to problem przeglądarki to może coś w IIS – ustawienie użytkownika, kontrola dostępu do katalogu wirtualnego Report Managera?

    Tak na sucho, po długim nieużywaniu SSRS, nic więcej nie przychodzi mi do głowy…

    Mam nadzieję, że choć naprowadziłem na dobry kierunek :)


  • On Windows 7, just running IE as administrator did not work for me.
    I also had to remove “Users” from having access to the \Reports-folder and then the Report Manager started to work properly.

  • Nicolas solution is great, thank you very much. Running Win7 + Internet Explorer 8 + SQL Server 2008

  • Thank you for an informative blog. It did help a little in narrowing down my issue (I use IIS7)… if someone can help, I’d appreciate it.. I want users to be able to access the report site, but I don’t want them to have admin permissions (ability to change site settings, etc.).. but, when I use Jian’s method of adding a physical credential path – that alias must have admin privileges to view the reports,, other wise the reports page is blank. When I give admin rights to the ‘credentialed’ path user, it also gives the person who logs on admin rights to everything on the report site (including the ability to change site settings)… even though they are setup as system user under the site settings security assignments.

    Hope this makes sense.. I basically need to allow users to logon, run the reports, but not be able to change any settings …


  • Michael Daniel – you are a genius!!! Thanks – solution worked for Win2K8

  • Next time I read a weblog, I’m hoping that it doesnt disappoint me as a lot as this one. Come on, man, I know it was my choice to read, however I actually thought youd have something attention-grabbing to state. All I hear is a bunch of whining about a single thing that you would fix if you werent too busy searching for attention.

  • Hi all,

    I still have the problem nothing works for me :(

  • Thanks every one. but I have the the same problem and non of the solutions worked for me. Any thing else?

  • I had a similar problem, the cause was the permissions for the web identity in the reporting services configuration. I changed it to the Network Service account and it worked for me. I could subsequently access the security properties in on the site itself and start administering the site.

  • Another thing to check is the security of the Home folder. In my case, the group was not granted Browser permissions and therefore couldn’t see any of the Home content.

  • I worked on this issue for nearly 5 hours. Am happy to find the solution for this. Install IIS in Vista..I had trouble installing gave me an error message ‘not able to install all features’ i installed iis60rkt.exe from internet first and then ran the file and tried to install IIS from control panel again..This time I succeeded..I then clicked on the second link in the ‘Report manager’ URL with the IE or Firefox in administrator worked :)

  • Note..I also refreshed the ‘Report manager URL’ by retying the same name in the Virtual directory and clicking on ‘Apply’

  • it’s not working

  • I am having a problem viewing reports on either iPad or Android tablets. I can get to the report but the data is not showing up. This occurs with all the reports. I have no issues with any of the same reports on a normal desktop computer. I am thinking it might be a browser issue, but I would think it would occur once I reached the report site itself not with the reports. Any ideas?

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