Xobni is declared to be a new look at your email. Even the neme is tightlt connected to email – “xobni” is the word “inbox” backwords icon_smile-8633161

All in all, Xobni is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that comes along with Microsoft Office. According to the authors Xobni allows:

  • fast email search
  • extract phone numbers from emails
  • fast access to email attachments
  • view emails as threaded conversation
  • navigate your inbox by people
  • presentic email statistics

Currently, Xobni works only with Microsoft Outlook. In future it is planned to assist Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird and other email platforms.

The first impression is great. However, I haven’t tested it yet because I couldn’t download it. In the download page I could only read:

We have reached the limit of our open-invitation beta period. We will be rolling out beta invitations over the next several weeks.

The only thing I could do was to sign up and wait for invitation to download this tool. Still waiting…

Should you have any experience with Xobni, please share it.

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