Reporting Services – deploying RDL files

In this post I’ll describe how to deploy RDL files using Report Manager (more often http://localhost/Reports or http://localhost/Reports$SQLExpress).
Note: This description applies to the situation where Microsoft SQL Server is used.

  1. Go to Report Manager
  2. Too keep all clean, you can create a folder in which you will keep all your reports
  3. Create the data source, if not yet existing, by selecting the New Data Source link.
    • Specify Microsoft SQL Server as the Connection Type.
    • Specify the database Connection String as follows:
      data source=[Name of database server SQL Instance];initial catalog=[Name of database]
    • Connect Using the Credentials stored securely in the report server and specify the user name and password used to connect to SQL Server instance installed in the database server.
      ssrs config3 350x303 Reporting Services   deploying RDL files

      Datasource configuration

  4. Upload the report by selecting the Upload File link and navigate to the RDL file stored in the system.
  5. Using Show Details view, edit the uploaded reports by selecting the Edit link.
  6. Under the Data source link, assign the previously created shared datasource as the source of data for the report.

    Note: The “Apply” button needs to be selected to apply the changes made for the report.

 Reporting Services   deploying RDL files

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  • Hi Jarosław
    I just wanted to know, as the Reporting server maintains each report (.rdl) and it’s info into sql server itselt(in “ReportServer” and “ReportServerTempDB” ) . Can we update values in those tables?
    Let’s say, in case i need to update datasource of the report without deploying reports back to server.Can we update (temper) the stored data, may be “DatasourceID” in this case for the report directly in db and expect the report to behave exactly as expected!!!
    I need to update Datasource of the around 1k reports in prod environment. Is there any easy way around?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It was useful but im having a problem.
    After deployment, embedded image is not visible but in preview im able to see that.
    Help me.
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    have a question.

    i have a a subreport for which i’m passing 3 perameters from the main report with hyperlinks. i’m getting the desired result from the BIDS project preview but not getting any status after the deployment. pl help

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