Web 2.0 gaming


Recently, I’ve encountered doof, a new Web 2.0 service, kind of “new one”… The authors promote it with the slogan: “Have fun playing games and competing in tournaments, pesonalising your profile and expressing yourself”. Then, what actually doof is?


First of all, doof is a fancy website with astonishing flash design (see above). User can adapt the screen according to their needs. Then, users can choose from a wide range of games, including a number of retro ones and classics. Users are given a space to communicate by sending mails, instant messages, virtual gifts. Also, they can create a photo album that can be synchronized with Facebook. Thanks to news feeds, people know what’s going on in their doofish world, who played a game recently, who received a gift, etc. One can give feedback for the authors, suggest possible improvements and failings.

All in all, the authors had a great idea and they succeeded in creating a brand new, very fresh and marvellous Web 2.0 service. I believe that despite doof is games-oriented, it can meet tastes of not only keen gamers, but also people who just like to have fun seeing others and interacting on their social network.

You can read more about doof in doof blog.

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