Java vs. C#

From now on I’ll be doing much more in Microsoft .NET rather than in Java. Thus, it seems my preparation for SCJP exam will slow down now… Also, I presume there’ll be slightly less about Java on that blog from now on (at least for some time).

I learned about .NET framework and C# programming language at the univesity, but it was a few years ago. Also, I’ve never been involved in a business project that used this framework. So, time to refresh the knowledge of .NET icon_smile-7850369

Luckily, it seems there shouldn’t be much difficulties in switching from Java to C#. Of course, those languages differ but still they have a lot in common. This article should be helpful in understanding the differences between Java and C#. It’s well written and the theory is supported with code examples.

After refreshing C# there will be time to re-learn ASP.NET…

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