Here is some information taken from my Master’s Thesis (still developed)..

Didaskon is a project developed in Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), Ireland by a few students, including myself. It is a research project in the elearning field. Its main goal is to deliver a framework for assemblying an ondemand curriculum from existing Learning Objects (LOs) provided by e-Learning services.

Didaskon is an innovative solution since it derives from both formal and informal sources of knowledge. It has an access to a repository of LOs described with semantic annotations – LOM ontology. LOs are composed into a learning path for a specific student. Along with formal Learning Objects, Didaskon also uses the potentaial of Social Semantic Information Sources. It is capable fulfill informal learning postulates and create LOs from data harvested from SSIS. Consequently, a user is gets a course path prepared from information collected in both formal and informal way.

Furthermore, Didaskon composition algorithm takes into account some pre-conditions regarding a user. Each user is described with FOAF ontology. Basing on delivered user’s profile (knowledge level in different domains and goals/expectations from the course) it is capable of returning learning material customized for his/her needs. Moreover, the system allows more scalable helper features for students supervision.

At the moment, we still develop the system. One of my basic task is to adopt SSIS for its purposes. Therefore, I must create a common object model; the model should be able to map information collected from SSIS and “push” it further, to Didaskon learninig path composition mechanisms.

Now, returning to research…

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