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How to close the dialog in IVR application

As you might have deduced from my CV, I have some experience in designing and developing IVR applications.

Basically, they must be attractive to the callee so the usage is convenient and intuitive. Going forward, the callee should get the impression like they are talking with a human being, not an application, which is not that easy icon smile How to close the dialog in IVR application

Recently, I’ve come across an interesting series of posts on The VUI Post weblog suggesting how a dialog should be closed. So far there are 16 pieces of advice, perhaps new ones will appear (will track it).

Here are the links:

If you’re interested in IVR apps, I recommend reading that!

 How to close the dialog in IVR application


I wonder if you’ever heard of expressivo? If you haven’t, have a look; if you’ve seen that, play with it again icon smile expressivo

By and large, expressivo is an online service that provided text-to-speech reader (and not only). It produces speech in English, Polish and Romanian. To generate speech it uses IVONA TTS.

I don’t know Romanian but English and Polish TTSs sound decent enough. Both TTS engine and the online service is a Polish product; the company is placed in Gdynia (one of the cities in Tricity).

Listen to English and Polish TTSs.