Upgrade do WordPress 2.8 i problem z kodowaniem polskich znaków

I’m sorry if you are an English spoken reader but this post is published in Polish. The reason for that is it describes a problem with encoding of some Polish characters after upgrading to WordPress 2.8, so a problem that only Poles should be interested in.
This blog is still supposed to be maintained in English so please do not

FeedMap = Blogs + Maps


What is feedmap? Let me cite its authors:

… feedmap is about mapping your blog! Using FeedMap you can tell the world where you are blogging from! Or you can simply search for bloggers right around where you live! Or even better let other local bloggers to discover your blog…

I had a look at this service and I must …

Adapt your blog for mobile devices


Since I received Nokia e51 I’ve been browsing web pages with Opera Mini. This is a decent browser which makes reading pages easier but it can’t do all. The best case is when not only the browser cares to display the page best it can, but also the owner of the page does so, i.e. only important content is downloaded …