My presence on online social services

I use two online social services: LinkedIn (en) and GoldenLine (pl). My activities there mostly include adding people I know or work with to my connection lists. I think it’s a good idea to keep such list of friends; you never know, when you need to contact somebody you knew in the past. Also, one beautiful day, you may get …

Hi there

It was almost two months ago when I wrote the last post… Nevertheless quite a number of things happened to me during that time:

  • I came back from Galway (Ireland) to Gdansk (Poland) – I finished my research at DERI
  • I graduated from the Gdansk University of Technology, major Distributed Applications and Internet Systems – got the A grade
  • I

Ireland again

Greetings from Ireland!

It’s the second time I went to Galway, Ireland. Again the Green Island welcommed us with rain…
Again, I work as a researcher, Java programmer in Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), Galway, Ireland. The main topic of my research is how to adopt Social Semantic Information Sources (SSIS) to e-Learning. Actually, this is the title of my …

Changes on my blog

A few days ago I made a few major changes on my blog:

The engine change went OK. Once I updated the files, there was a imprefections in querying database, but clicking the suggested link on wp-admin page solved them all.

Currently, when I have some free time I browse plugins and themes – still can find something better/new. So …