A few months ago I wrote about Xobni, a plugin for Outlook. I created that post basing only on what I learned on their homepage.

A few weeks later Xobni team sent me an email with a special link to the installation file. I downloaded and installed Xobni, and played with it.

I’ve been using it for a couple of …

Gmail as POP3 client

I’ve been using Google for ages, it was mostly the Google Search though… I’ve been using external software for mail management, having unorganized RSS, e.g. Untill August…

Then I started working for Kainos. The Systems folks announced it was impossible to use external software for private mail – security, viruses, POP3 blocked, bla bla blah… I thought, could be better… …



Xobni is declared to be a new look at your email. Even the neme is tightlt connected to email – “xobni” is the word “inbox” backwords icon_smile-8633161

All in all, Xobni is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that comes along with Microsoft Office. According to the authors Xobni allows:

  • fast email search
  • extract phone numbers from emails
  • fast access to email