How to motivate oneself to take short breaks at work?


If you are reading this post or my blog in general, you probably are a software enginner, programmer, designer – a person who spends considerable amount of time at their desk, similar to me.

I work like that full time so 8 hours a day but there are days when I need to stay longer – 10 hours or even …


Have you ever lacked from run menu from KDE (Alt+F2) in your Windows? Try Launchy. It’s open source software that not only runs programs you have installed on your PC but also can launch your documents, project files, bookmarks etc.

I really recommend it! To learn more, see Launchy homepage.…


Pandora is one of the most popular streaming services. You just type an artist’s or the song name and Pandora serves you a collection of similar music. It bases on rich songs descriptions and evaluations of songs. You are allowed to create your stations, invite friends or listen to their music.
Thus, it is an example of online community services …