Gmail as POP3 client

I’ve been using Google for ages, it was mostly the Google Search though… I’ve been using external software for mail management, having unorganized RSS, e.g. Untill August…

Then I started working for Kainos. The Systems folks announced it was impossible to use external software for private mail – security, viruses, POP3 blocked, bla bla blah… I thought, could be better… Still, I could manage my private mail using Webmail software – along with my server I got the SquirreMail web mail panel. This tool could be much better though. It’s is extremely not Web 2.0 and not fancy at all icon_sad-1566336 I liked the Gmail panel, but I didn’t need another email account – yet I had my favorite email address and wanted to use it further!

Then, my friend told me I could use Gmail as a POP3 client – send and receive emails from other (not necessarily Gmail accounts). Sounded like a good idea! I had a quick play with the settings, and it worked, very well!

Here’s the guide how to set this feature:

  • while on the main page of Gmail panel, go to “Settings” and choose “Accounts” tab there
  • in “Send mail as:” section, click “Add another email address” link
  • in the window that pops up fill in the form – provide the name and the email address you want to use to send messages
  • you will receive an email with a special code and instructions how to use it
  • now you can sent emails using the email address you provided
  • now, in the “Accounts” tab, click “Add another mail account” and do similar as previously
  • after that, you can use Gmail panel also for browsing mail from other accounts

If you’re interested in Gmail, I encourage reading official Gmail blog.

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