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2011 in review

It’s end of January 2012 by now, but I decided to share some stats on what was going on with this blog in 2011. If you fancy reading my stuff (is there anybody? icon smile 2011 in review ) you might find it interesting.

Let’s get down to the business:

  • only 3 posts that year icon neutral 2011 in review busy? lazy? …?
  • nevertheless, I was observing constant interest growth (more and more vistst, by Google Analytics):
    • 196,717 Visits (+45% comparing to 2010)
    • 178,770 Unique Visitors (+46% comparing to 2010)
    • 222,258 Pageviews (+42% comparing to 2010)
  • most popular post: C#, decimal.toString(), and how to get rid of trailing zeros – 17,302 pageviews

Celebrating 2.5 years and 210,000 visitors to my blog

Recently I’ve read a kind of summary post of my friend where he described his blog in numbers. I thought this is a great idea – those who follow a blog get more background on its existence.

Let me describe my blog in numbers, if you like:

  • 27 months – first post was published on April 14th, 2007
  • 148 posts
  • I started tracing visitors (with Google Analytics) on March 16th, 2008 (a year after first post) – 210,000 visitors ever since
  • best referring sites: google search (172k visitors), dzone.com (3k), reddit.com (2.6k), bing search (2.5k), yahoo search (2.2k), stackoverflow.com (1.2k)
  • 1 DZone Big Link: Exeptions and Errors in Java
  • I have been invited to DZone?s Most Valuable Blogger lodge (more details)

Many thanks to all that have helped achieving these results. Thanks for thank-you comments, crutial remarks and suggestions to what I’ve published, and just visting my site.

Getting active on DZone

A while ago, on April 6th, one of my posts, Exeptions and Errors in Java, became a DZone Big Link. As a result, the link was tweeted automatically and is available at DZone’s Twitter. I was really happy to be noticed in Web icon smile Getting active on DZone

But today I got pleased even more! I was noticed again; I received invitation to join DZone’s Most Valuable Blogger program. What it is, according to DZone:

DZone’s Most Valuable Blogger program brings together a group of highly talented bloggers, authors, and technologists actively writing about topics of interest to the developer community. These people are recognized in the industry for their contributions and deep technical knowledge on subjects ranging from software design and architecture to programming on a range of platforms including Java, .NET, Ruby and others.

You can see the list of MVBs at Meet the DZone MVBs. At the moment there are about 200 people listed and, as far as I have noticed, only a couple of them lives in Poland.

Update, 2010-07-12
I am now officially an MVB!

Update, 2010-07-23
Just got an MVB t-shirt too icon smile Getting active on DZone

big mvbbutton Getting active on DZone

Upgrade do WordPress 2.8 i problem z kodowaniem polskich znaków

I’m sorry if you are an English spoken reader but this post is published in Polish. The reason for that is it describes a problem with encoding of some Polish characters after upgrading to WordPress 2.8, so a problem that only Poles should be interested in.
This blog is still supposed to be maintained in English so please do not get discouraged.

Dziś postanowiłem zrobić upgrade swojego fotobloga z WordPress 2.6.1 na 2.8. Wszystko poszło sprawnie ale okazało się, że kodowanie polskich znaków totalnie się posypało – zamiast nich kwadraciki i krzaczki.

Pomimo mocnego zaplecza, przyznam, że zabawa z kodowaniem znaków totalnie mi nie odpowiada. Miałem już kiedyś problem z ukraińską stroną znimky.net, która stała się nieczytelna po zmianie MySQL z 4.0 na 4.1. Po długich bojach problem został rozwiązany poprzez dodanie poniższych 3 linii kodu PHP po ustnawieniu połączenia z bazą danych:

mysql_query("SET character_set_results=\"utf8\"");
mysql_query("SET CHARACTER SET utf8");
mysql_query("SET NAMES \"utf8\"");

Zacząłem szukać ale nie znalazłem zbyt wiele…

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Code snippets have changed on dobrzanski.net

Following my friend’s post I decided to change the plugin for highliting code snippets on this blog from Google Code Prettifier to Google Syntax Highlighter for WordPress.

This tool is much better – now code looks more fancy and you can always show/copy to clipboard the very code (without additional characters that need removing). If you’re running a blog where you publish fragments of code – don’t wait and install this tool now!

The only problem that change introduced was I had to change all old posts so that code is picked up by this plugin. It took an hour but was worth it.

 Code snippets have changed on dobrzanski.net

Adapt your blog for mobile devices

3388372944 f094ca95cd m Adapt your blog for mobile devices
Image by Wesley Fryer via Flickr

Since I received Nokia e51 I’ve been browsing web pages with Opera Mini. This is a decent browser which makes reading pages easier but it can’t do all. The best case is when not only the browser cares to display the page best it can, but also the owner of the page does so, i.e. only important content is downloaded so that the page is lighter and loads faster (which is important if you are not having a free WI-FI connection).

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FeedBurner statistics

It was only today (after “a while”) when I realised I don’t trace statistics related with feeds (RSS). I decided to change it. Going forward, I installed FD Feedburner Plugin which redirects my standard link to RSS for posts to the link handled by FeedBurner.

Please help me keep the accurate statistics!

If you subsrcibed for the RSS for this blog some time ago (before today), please unsubscribe and then subscribe again. That will allow me to see how many people read what I’m writing here.

I’d appreciate your committment.
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Jaroslaw Dobrzanski

 FeedBurner statistics


I’ve just signed up to MyBlogLog service.

Look at my profile and my blog’s profile on MyBlogLog.
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Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_register_sidebar_widget() in …

I’ve just updated WordPress engine to v2.5. I played with it for a moment and was very happy about it until I got this error when I went to WordPress Dahsboard:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_register_sidebar_widget() in /XXX/wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php on line 31

Luckily, I’ve found a very simple solution on Tom Raftery’s Social Media Blog. Tom, thanks for sharing with others!

Change to WordPress 2.5

I’ve just changed the engine for my blog from WordPress 2.3 to WordPress 2.5.

The change is not visible for the reader but there’s a lot going on in the dashboard, starting with the layout, dashboard widgets, multiple file upload, etc… To get the full list of the changes, please look at the official WordPress blog.