A few months ago I wrote about Xobni, a plugin for Outlook. I created that post basing only on what I learned on their homepage.

A few weeks later Xobni team sent me an email with a special link to the installation file. I downloaded and installed Xobni, and played with it.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I must say I’m very satisfied! I’ve been using it most to find emails or attachments in my Inbox or Archive folder; this works pretty fast and is very handy. Searching mailbox has never been easier icon_smile-2952985 It’s also interesting to see the email statistics like characteristics of email traffic, who you keep in touch most frequently, etc. There are even a few more useful features which you can discover yourself icon_smile-2952985

To sum up, I really recommend this Xobni. It’s a great piece of software that can save you much time!

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