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Stimator – estimate your website value

It’s all about being popular these days. After a while of having a web site you probably start wondering if anybody is actually interested in it. You can employ Google Analytics to get quite extensive statistics, you can use FeedBurner to track the popularity of you RSS channel, you can check the current page rank of your website. There are plenty of ways of getting some statistics…

Apart from that you can also evaluate the value of your website. It’s not like you feel it’s time to sell it, but why not think that in the age of global crisis you have a back up so that you still have money to buy the food icon smile Stimator   estimate your website value Stimator seems to be a nice tool there. Let me cite its authors:

Stimator is a real-time website value estimator. The engine deliveries the most accurate economical value that a website could worth by collecting important data from different sources. The results are indexed to database references and to the financial market in order to re-produce, as real as possible, how much investors are prepared to invest. Stimator is in beta stage as we keep improving this project.

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Web Forms Design by Luke Wroblewski

3297189660 b3a29fa4c1 m Web Forms Design by Luke Wroblewski
Image by Bodum via Flickr

I’m finishing reading a very good book about designing web forms: Web Forms Design by Luke Wroblewski.

Personally I believe it’s a must-read-me book for anyone who is interested in web design, disregarding the fact if they are beginniers or highly experienced geeks. Both can find answers to questions they could ask, compare described examples, see flaws and advantages of existing forms in well known services, and finally choose the solution that fit best the end users.

The book is relatively short but full of suggestions supported with a lot of examples (screen shots). It is dived into several chapters describing individual aspects of web forms, i.e. labels, inputs, actions, help texts, error and success messages.

Highly recommended.

 Web Forms Design by Luke Wroblewski

FCKeditor – inline html editor

fckeditor logo FCKeditor   inline html editor

Should you need provide inline html editor feature in your web application (WYSIWYG editor), have a look at FCKeditor.

FCKeditor is very useful and functional. Let me cite a couple of its features:

  • Integration with ASP, ASP.NET, Java, ColdFusion, Perl, PHP, JavaScript and more
  • Complete toolbar customization
  • Skins support
  • Plugins support
  • Multi-language support with automatic user language detection
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Font formatting: type, size, color, style, bold, italic, etc
  • Text formatting: alignment, indentation, bullets list, etc
  • Link and anchors support
  • Image insertion, with upload and server browsing support
  • Table creation and editing (add, delete rows, etc) – one of the best systems on the market
  • Right click context menus support

I believe it’s worth recommending.

 FCKeditor   inline html editor

High Performance Web Sites

Recently I’ve been reading “High Performance Web Sites” (look at amazon).

I think it’s a good book who can be recommended to all who do even little bit of front end development. The book describes 15 rules (regarding CSS, JavaScript, etc.) that should be followed in order to deliver high performance web sites. It’s rather short (c.a. 150 pages) and easy to read, but the suggestions described by the author can be helpful while you work.