FCKeditor – inline html editor


Should you need provide inline html editor feature in your web application (WYSIWYG editor), have a look at FCKeditor.

FCKeditor is very useful and functional. Let me cite a couple of its features:

  • Integration with ASP, ASP.NET, Java, ColdFusion, Perl, PHP, JavaScript and more
  • Complete toolbar customization
  • Skins support
  • Plugins support
  • Multi-language support with automatic user language detection
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Font formatting: type, size, color, style, bold, italic, etc
  • Text formatting: alignment, indentation, bullets list, etc
  • Link and anchors support
  • Image insertion, with upload and server browsing support
  • Table creation and editing (add, delete rows, etc) – one of the best systems on the market
  • Right click context menus support

I believe it’s worth recommending.


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