Beginning SQL Server 2005 Programming


After a while (busy days…) I’ve got a new book: Beginning SQL Server 2005 Programming by Robert Vieira.

I’m not considering myslef a SQL Server expert but to be honest I was afraid of this beginning word in the title. Yet I’ve been using SQL Server for a couple of years (apart from Java, C#, etc. – so not full time SQL developing). Also I attended a few SQL related courses when I was at the university. So I should have quite solid theoretical and pratctical background. However, as I was not working with SQL Server full time I decided to give that book a bash. You can always stop reading if you don’t like the book icon_smile-1428838

That was really good choice! I’m still in the middle of the book but I’ve refreshed some basics on normalization, SQL Server storage, learned a few tips and tricks, possible approached, and of course learned a lot of things I’ve either forgot or never knew. I will probably forget some of what I’ve learnt but it will always be possible to get that book from the shelf and read about such an aspect.

Highly recommended!

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