Ireland again

Greetings from Ireland!

It’s the second time I went to Galway, Ireland. Again the Green Island welcommed us with rain…
Again, I work as a researcher, Java programmer in Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), Galway, Ireland. The main topic of my research is how to adopt Social Semantic Information Sources (SSIS) to e-Learning. Actually, this is the title of my Master’s Thesis given by DERI (though I study at Gdansk University of Technology, major Distributed Applications and Internet Systems).

SSIS are semantic blogs, smenatic wikis, social semantic digital libraries. The general idea of SSIS is that they allow users to collaborate and share knowledge. Thus, great many relevant information can be harvested from them and used in learning course composition. The main problem is, how to present the collected data… Yet, these are heterogeneous environments. Semantic Web gives many help with that. By introducing semantic annotations of the data and some ontologies, information can be mapped to a common data model. This model, then, can be used in a Learning Management System as some extra information to a lesson. And there is a place for Didaskon, the e-Learning project I take part in. But, this is the subject of future discussion…

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