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Comparison of .Net libraries for fetching emails via POP3

Sending emails in C# is easy; for basic use cases you don’t need external resources to send a note because .NET BCL already ships it. On .Net Developer Center, there’s a short description how to do it.

Now, how to fetch the email? It turns out it is not that easy – it’s not supported by .Net BCL. I spent a while researching for the best library that matched my purposes and I want to share my views on a couple of components I looked at.

Note: Please bear in mind I was interested only in a small piece of functionality such library could provide. My need was only to fetch an email (in plain text) with attachments. That was supposed to be done via POP3. I was not really interested in features like advanced sending emails (e.g. email templates), request and delivery receipts, support for iCalendar, email in HTML, etc. To sum up, I did not test libraries from that angle and therefore this comparison will not suit needs of all developers.

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A few months ago I wrote about Xobni, a plugin for Outlook. I created that post basing only on what I learned on their homepage.

A few weeks later Xobni team sent me an email with a special link to the installation file. I downloaded and installed Xobni, and played with it.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I must say I’m very satisfied! I’ve been using it most to find emails or attachments in my Inbox or Archive folder; this works pretty fast and is very handy. Searching mailbox has never been easier icon smile Xobni It’s also interesting to see the email statistics like characteristics of email traffic, who you keep in touch most frequently, etc. There are even a few more useful features which you can discover yourself icon smile Xobni

To sum up, I really recommend this Xobni. It’s a great piece of software that can save you much time!


xobni logo Xobni

Xobni is declared to be a new look at your email. Even the neme is tightlt connected to email – “xobni” is the word “inbox” backwords icon smile Xobni

All in all, Xobni is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that comes along with Microsoft Office. According to the authors Xobni allows:

  • fast email search
  • extract phone numbers from emails
  • fast access to email attachments
  • view emails as threaded conversation
  • navigate your inbox by people
  • presentic email statistics

Currently, Xobni works only with Microsoft Outlook. In future it is planned to assist Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird and other email platforms.

The first impression is great. However, I haven’t tested it yet because I couldn’t download it. In the download page I could only read:

We have reached the limit of our open-invitation beta period. We will be rolling out beta invitations over the next several weeks.

The only thing I could do was to sign up and wait for invitation to download this tool. Still waiting…

Should you have any experience with Xobni, please share it.

Gmail as POP3 client

I’ve been using Google for ages, it was mostly the Google Search though… I’ve been using external software for mail management, having unorganized RSS, e.g. Untill August…

Then I started working for Kainos. The Systems folks announced it was impossible to use external software for private mail – security, viruses, POP3 blocked, bla bla blah… I thought, could be better… Still, I could manage my private mail using Webmail software – along with my server I got the SquirreMail web mail panel. This tool could be much better though. It’s is extremely not Web 2.0 and not fancy at all icon sad Gmail as POP3 client I liked the Gmail panel, but I didn’t need another email account – yet I had my favorite email address and wanted to use it further!

Then, my friend told me I could use Gmail as a POP3 client – send and receive emails from other (not necessarily Gmail accounts). Sounded like a good idea! I had a quick play with the settings, and it worked, very well!

Here’s the guide how to set this feature:

  • while on the main page of Gmail panel, go to “Settings” and choose “Accounts” tab there
  • in “Send mail as:” section, click “Add another email address” link
  • in the window that pops up fill in the form – provide the name and the email address you want to use to send messages
  • you will receive an email with a special code and instructions how to use it
  • now you can sent emails using the email address you provided
  • now, in the “Accounts” tab, click “Add another mail account” and do similar as previously
  • after that, you can use Gmail panel also for browsing mail from other accounts

If you’re interested in Gmail, I encourage reading official Gmail blog.