Data Transformation Services

Recently, I’ve learned how to write DTS (Data Transformation Services) in SQL Server 2000. In general, this tool allows transformation of data: copying between different databases (by different vendors) and files (Excel, CSV, etc.). The idea is simple; the usage often priceless.

The execution path of a package is defined using a kind of graph, where nodes are tasks to execute. To operate on data one can write VB/ActiveX script and SQL queries (either direct queries or encapsulated within stored procedures).

Everything would be great if it were easier to write the packages… I believe it’s quite difficult to write the first package, especially with loops – not everything is obvious why/how to use. Also, there’s much less information on the Internet (guides, code examples, fora) than for example for Java programming language…

Anyway, I found the following links useful: SQL DTS and this

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