Faculty research day

On 16th of April, there will be Faculty of Engineering Research Day at NUI Galway. Researchers will be given possibility to present themselves and what they are making research on. Those who apply shall prepare an abstact and a poster.

I will present my research ideas, regarding my Master’s Thesis and what I working on at DERI: the idea of employing Social Semantic Information Spaces (semantic blogs, semantic wikis, social semantic digital libraries etc.) for e-Learning. The following picture gives an idea of how I’m trying to do that.


At the bottom, there are SSIS – online communities enriched with semantic annotations. Due the semantics, the content is also machine readable. Consequently, application can use them and reason from them. I’m developing IKHarvester, which aims at harvesting knowledge from SSIS and provide it due Web Services in a form of informal Learning Objects (LOs). These LOs are delivered to Didaskon, a Learning Management System, in a common way – described according to LOM standard. Didaskon, using the user’s preconditions, creates a curriculum by combining formal and informal Learning Objects.

There is also an Abstract available. If you want to learn more about my ideas, feel free to contact me.

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