Some scientific actions

A few months ago, myself along with friends, wrote an article to the ICWSM ’06 conference which should have take place in Boukder, USA. The titke of the article was: “E-Learning on the Social Semantic Information Sources”. We wrote quite a few pages but the paper was rejected icon_neutral-6077409 The reviewers stated it was quite good, but needed to be improved.

Now, after six months we have descided to do it; we aim at 2nd EC-TEL (Second European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning). I care about the paper since it covers the topic of my Master Thesis (which, actually, has the same title). We want to redo the document. The goal is to focus on the way of integrating sources of informal knowledge (wikis, blogs, digital libraries, boomarks and multimedia sharing systems) so that they can be more efficiently used for learning purposes. We want to point out the importance of semantic annotations in such online communities; we ‘ll also present our solutions to the problem of storage and management information gathered from online communities.

The deadline for applying is the April 1st. Get back to work, then icon_wink-3278120

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