Submission for ISWC ’07

Today we submitted yet another article; this time for The 6th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC ’07) that will take place in Busan, Korea, from November 11 to 15 (Thursday), 2007. I was the main author of the paper; i wrote it together with Sebastian R. Kruk, Tadhg Nagle, Edward Curry, and Adam Gzella. Its title is “IKHarvester – Informal eLearning with Semantic Web Harvesting”.

There is the abstract of the article:

Only recently, researchers and practitioners alike have begun to fully understand the potential of eLearning and have concentrated on new tools and technologies for creating, capturing and distributing knowledge. Focusing on the area of informal learning, this paper describes this emerging domain and assesses current semantic and Web 2.0 tools used in this field. Contributing to the body of research, the limitations of both sets of technologies are documented highlighting areas of definite improvement. Finally, semantic web harvesting technology as a solution is explored in the form of the IKHarvester tool.

There’s the direct link to the article.

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